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Artepharm is a modern pharmaceutical company involving in R&D, manufacturing and marketing. It was jointly established by a group of experts specializing in the research of Qinghao (Artemisia annua L), artemisinin-based antimalarials and antiviral traditional Chinese medicines from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Guangdong New South Group. Prof. Li Guoqiao is the chief scientist of Artepharm.

Artepharm is supported by Guangzhou University of TCM, famous as its expertise in Hi-tech Chinese medicine research. The university provide great platform for the continuous development of the company. Guangdong New South Group is a conglomerate extensively involved in the fields of real estate, hotel and traditional Chinese medicine modernization, which provide financial backup of Artepharm. Its business chain of TCM covers the entire upstream and downstream markets including R&D, manufacturing, marketing, community service, e-business etc. Being expected as the company's future core business, the TCM sector at New South Group has been developing steadily.

Artepharm is now focusing on the R&D and marketing of artemisinin, artemisinin-based therapy (ACT), antiviral herbal medicines and health food. Artemisinin Industrialization Project includes plantation, extraction and processing, R&D, manufacturing and sales. Since WHO acclaims ACTs as the most effective antimalarials, Artepharm makes every endeavor to promote its quick-acting, highly effective, low toxic but affordable patent ACTs, Artequick®, which had been listed in the State front-line antimalarial drugs of <Revised version of use principles and ARV regimens in antimalarial drugs>, to the malaria-endemic areas such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, Central America and South America.

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